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Art Exhibition “Mystic” @ BTC Hala A
Feb 29 @ 12:00 – Mar 7 @ 18:00
Art Exhibition "Mystic" @ BTC Hala A | Ljubljana | Slovenia

The 2020 exhibition cycle will be opened by a very special exhibition.

Leap Day is a time to cross borders.

All of you who already know my work, know how much of myself I invest in each exhibition.

It’s not just about putting the paintings on display, it’s about the soulful, heartfelt interplay between the beholder and the artwork.

So this time, a completely different show of surprise.

None of the pictures will be published until the exhibition opens.

You will enter the Secret mystery.

The exhibition opens on Saturday, February 29th, 2020 at noon.

The exhibition will be on display for one week.
On Saturday, on the day of the opening, we will be there from 12h to 20h, from Monday to Friday, from 16h to 20h and on Saturday, on the closing day of the exhibition, we will be there from 12h to 18h.

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