Energy ”live” Sculptures

Everything around us is Energy.
We are Energy Beings.
Space is an infinite energy Field.

Inspired by the Universe,
I create special, “live” Sculptures.
I breathe a “personality” into them, but they already arrive with a Task of their own.
They bring Messages of the Unconscious and unlock many things that are locked.

It is an Intuitive Art, which creates Itself, therefore I do not create “custom-made” Sculptures in a classic way.

There is only the “Call of the Soul”, which accelerates the flow of information, feelings, and perceptions.
This “Call” causes the Soul to touch the person, who needs it most at that moment.

The Sculpture influences space, people, and all living beings.
More sensitive people can feel them immediately and lives start changing for the better.

It has its own energy field.
It changes consciousness.
It tunes the vibrations of the environment.

If it calls to you, then it is time for changes in Your Life.

So far, most Sculptures have found their Guardians in the most unusual and quick ways.

If you would like to have one in your life, write down what attracted you and, already while submitting the order, a process can be triggered, wherein I request absolutely free rein, for it is the only way for me to give into intuitive guidance and the right energies.
By accepting a “Live Sculpture” into Your Life, you also accept the Responsibility for Her.

The price list is informative since materials and creative processes can vary:

Sculpture “Face”: from 444 to 2.220 €

Sculpture Bust: from 666 to 2.550 €

Sculpture in natural size: from 7.700 to 16.000 €

Abstract sculptures: from 333 to 5.500 €

Some of the sculptures already at their new owners:


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